Commit 5be9b1de authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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allow the port number to be skipped but the colon to be present

parent 6c84a67c
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ sub parse {
my $url = shift @_ or return;
if( my ($dbconn_part, $driver, $user, $pass, $host, $port, $dbname, $table_name, $tparam_name, $tparam_value, $conn_param_string) =
$url =~ m{^((\w*)://(?:(\w+)(?:\:([^/\@]*))?\@)?(?:([\w\-\.]+)(?:\:(\d+))?)?/([\w\-]*))(?:/(\w+)(?:\?(\w+)=([\w\[\]\{\}]+))?)?((?:;(\w+)=(\w+))*)$} ) {
$url =~ m{^((\w*)://(?:(\w+)(?:\:([^/\@]*))?\@)?(?:([\w\-\.]+)(?:\:(\d*))?)?/([\w\-]*))(?:/(\w+)(?:\?(\w+)=([\w\[\]\{\}]+))?)?((?:;(\w+)=(\w+))*)$} ) {
my %conn_params = split(/[;=]/, 'type=hive;discon=0'.$conn_param_string );
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