Commit 636e7d85 authored by Matthieu Muffato's avatar Matthieu Muffato
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bugfix: need to add back @worker_cmd_components

parent a7a12113
......@@ -125,6 +125,8 @@ sub kill_worker {
sub submit_workers_return_meadow_pids {
my ($self, $worker_cmd, $required_worker_count, $iteration, $rc_name, $rc_specific_submission_cmd_args, $submit_log_subdir) = @_;
my @worker_cmd_components = split_for_bash($worker_cmd); # FIXME: change the interface so that $worker_cmd itself is passed in as ARRAYref
my $job_name = $self->job_array_common_name($rc_name, $iteration);
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