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changes made during the last 3 months

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not bound to any processing 'farm' system and can be adapted to any GRID.
4-5.Jan, 2011 : Leo Gordon
* fixed multiple issues that appeared after introduction of the foreign keys
but only became visible after some testing (thanks to Gautier for extra testing!).
31.Dec, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* Inplemented the long-standing plan to remove the schema/code dependency on UUIDs.
Removed the job_claim field from the schema and the code, changed the way jobs are claimed.
28.Dec, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* Updated schema drawings that contain newly added foreign keys
21-23.Dec, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* Added foreign key constraints, figured out that foreign keys ARE enforced in MySQL 5.1.47,
so had to fix some code (and some ensembl-compara code as well, so keep yours up-to-date).
14.Dec, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* first attempt at creating schema drawings using MySQL Workbench. Drawings added to docs/ .
A lot of foreign key constraints were missing, which influenced the drawing.
If they are not enforced by MySQL anyway, why not add just them?
26.Nov, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* changed JobFactory so that parts of it can be re-used by subclassing. Examples in ensembl-compara.
26.Oct, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* fixed a long-standing bug: input_id was supposed to be able to set things (according to compara code)
19-22.Oct, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* Fixed both rule adaptors and the HiveGeneric_conf to prevent them from creating duplicated rules
when a PipeConfig is re-run.
8.Oct, 2010 : Leo Gordon
A new Hive Runnable to copy tables over (an amazingly popular task in our pipelines).
Does an integrity check and fails if underlying mysqldump fails.
1.Oct, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* only prints the worker once per stream.
So if output is redirected to a file, both the file and the output will contain it.
30.Sept-19.Oct, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* detected a strange behaviour of a Worker that was running a RunnableDB
with 'runaway next' statements. Since it was not possible to fix it (seems to be Perl language issue),
the Worker's code does its best to detect this and exit. Please check that your RunnableDBs do not have runaway nexts.
------------------------------------[previous 'stable' tag]----------------------------------
21-22 Sept, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* a new switch -worker_output_dir allows a particular worker to send its stdout/stderr into the given directory
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