Commit 6b6a4997 authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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use job breakout_label as more legible

parent ae614ad5
......@@ -275,20 +275,16 @@ sub job_count_breakout {
sub toString {
my $self = shift @_;
my $analysis = $self->analysis;
my ($breakout_label, $total_job_count, $count_hash) = $self->job_count_breakout;
my $analysis = $self->analysis;
my $output .= sprintf("%-27s(%2d) %11s jobs(Sem:%d, Rdy:%d, InProg:%d, Done+Pass:%d, Fail:%d)=%d Ave_msec:%d, workers(Running:%d, Reqired:%d) ",
my $output .= sprintf("%-27s(%2d) %11s, jobs( %24s ), ave_msec:%d, workers(Running:%d, Reqired:%d) ",
$self->analysis_id // 0,
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