Commit 7585642c authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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pulled in the "non-critical specialization failures" bugfix from upstream

parents 95f7a7af 86b742e2
......@@ -583,9 +583,11 @@ sub specialize_and_compile_wrapper {
my $msg = $@;
chomp $msg;
$self->worker_say( "specialization failed:\t$msg" );
$self->adaptor->db->get_LogMessageAdaptor()->store_worker_message($self, $msg, 1 );
$self->cause_of_death('SEE_MSG') unless($self->cause_of_death()); # some specific causes could have been set prior to die "...";
my $is_error = $self->cause_of_death() ne 'NO_ROLE';
$self->adaptor->db->get_LogMessageAdaptor()->store_worker_message($self, $msg, $is_error );
if( !$self->cause_of_death() ) {
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