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text_to_shell_lit has already moved to

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......@@ -76,26 +76,6 @@ sub param_defaults {
=head2 text_to_shell_lit
Argument[0]: String
Description: Escapes the single-quotes of the string and wrap it into single-quotes
This is useful to stringify a list of commands / arguments to run them
through the shell.
NB: The "_" prototype is essential to allow the method to wrap $_ into @_
PS: Shamelessly adapted from
my %shell_characters = map {$_ => 1} qw(< > |);
sub text_to_shell_lit(_) {
return $_[0] if $shell_characters{$_[0]} or $_[0] =~ /^[a-zA-Z0-9_\-]+\z/;
my $s = $_[0];
$s =~ s/'/'\\''/g;
return "'$s'";
=head2 run
Description : Implements run() interface method of Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Process that is used to perform the main bulk of the job (minus input and output).
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