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......@@ -14,6 +14,32 @@ Summary:
not bound to any processing 'farm' system and can be adapted to any GRID.
30.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* fixed a bug when checking for definedness of branch_name in
29.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* fixed a bug in where it never reached automatic dataflow on success
* fixed to not import warning() to avoid clashing with ensembl-core's warning
26.Mar-11.Apr, 2011 : Leo
* trying to enforce the 'fetch_by' and 'fetch_all_by' convention for adaptor calls
24.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* some branches can be named instead of numbered (-2, -1, 0, 1)
and 0 now stands for 'ANYFAILURE' (please use with extreme care!)
23.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* sql/procedures.sql gives timing in minutes as well
18.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* one PREPARE statement per dataflow-to-table call (so works for array of output_ids with identical structure)
16.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* Reviewed some procedures.sql adding a procedure for timing and several tricks suggested by Greg.
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