Commit 7df9afd6 authored by Jessica Severin's avatar Jessica Severin
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added dataflow_rule_id to table dataflow_rule

added default values of 1 to batch_size and hive_capacity
parent 6cfdad9e
......@@ -79,15 +79,18 @@ CREATE TABLE simple_rule (
-- databases, with the default being the database the analysis is on
-- semantics:
-- dataflow_rule_id - internal ID
-- from_analysis_id - foreign key to analysis table analysis_id
-- to_analysis_url - foreign key to net distributed analysis logic_name reference
-- branch_code - joined to analysis_job.branch_code to allow branching
CREATE TABLE dataflow_rule (
dataflow_rule_id int(10) unsigned default '0' not null auto_increment,
from_analysis_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
to_analysis_url varchar(255) default '' NOT NULL,
branch_code int(10) default 1 NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (dataflow_rule_id),
UNIQUE (from_analysis_id, to_analysis_url)
......@@ -203,8 +206,8 @@ CREATE TABLE analysis_stats (
analysis_id int(10) NOT NULL,
batch_size int(10) NOT NULL,
hive_capacity int(10) NOT NULL,
batch_size int(10) default 1 NOT NULL,
hive_capacity int(10) default 1 NOT NULL,
total_job_count int(10) NOT NULL,
unclaimed_job_count int(10) NOT NULL,
done_job_count int(10) NOT NULL,
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