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tweaked the installation docs to make automatic use of cpanfile

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eHive system depends on the following components that you may need to download and install first:
<li>Perl 5.10 <a href=>or higher</a></li>
<li>A database engine of your choice. eHive keeps its state in a database, so you will need
<li>a server installed on the machine where you want to maintain the state of your pipeline(s) and</li>
......@@ -27,14 +28,19 @@
<li>PostgreSQL 9.2 <a href=>or higher</a></li>
<li>Perl DBI API version 1.6 <a href=>or higher</a> --
Perl database interface that has to include a driver for the database engine of your choice above.
<li>GraphViz visualization package (includes "dot" executable and libraries used by the Perl dependencies).
<li>Check in your terminal that you have "dot" installed</li>
<li>If not, visit <a href=></a> to download it</li>
<li>Perl libraries for visualisation (optional but recommended). They can be found on CPAN:
<li><a href=>GraphViz</a> (needed for and the GUI)</li>
<li><a href=>Chart::Gnuplot</a> (needed for</li>
<li>cpanm -- a handy utility to recursively install Perl dependencies.
<li>Check in your terminal that you have "cpanm" installed</li>
<li>If not, visit <a href=></a> to download it (just read and follow the instructions in the header of the script)</li>
......@@ -81,7 +87,22 @@ The major directories here are:
<h3>Optional configuration of the system:</h3>
<hr width=50% />
<center><h2>Use cpanm to recursively install the Perl dependencies declared in ensembl-hive/cpanfile</h2></center>
cd ensembl-hive
cpanm --installdeps .
If installation of either DBD::mysql or DBD::Pg fails, check that the corresponding database system (MySQL or PostgreSQL) was installed correctly.
<hr width=50% />
<center><h2>Optional configuration of the system:</h2></center>
You may find it convenient (although it is not necessary) to add "ensembl-hive/scripts"
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