Commit 9c3f06a7 authored by Matthieu Muffato's avatar Matthieu Muffato Committed by ens-bwalts
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bugfix: autoflow is a property of the job, not the runnable

parent 51a8f0e2
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ class BaseRunnable(object):
def dataflow(self, output_ids, branch_name_or_code = 1):
"""Dataflows the output_id(s) on a given branch (default 1). Returns whatever the Perl side returns"""
if branch_name_or_code == 1:
self.autoflow = False
self.input_job.autoflow = False
self.__send_message('DATAFLOW', {'output_ids': output_ids, 'branch_name_or_code': branch_name_or_code, 'params': {'substituted': self.__params.param_hash, 'unsubstituted': self.__params.unsubstituted_param_hash}})
return self.__read_message()['response']
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