Commit 9db16608 authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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renamed timeout() to wait_timeout() to synchronize options and method names

parent 5bc434f3
......@@ -113,14 +113,14 @@ BEGIN {
useful when running a lot of jobs on a compute farm
which would otherwise keep open a lot of connections to the
database. Database connections are automatically reopened
when required.Do not use this option together with RECONNECT_WHEN_CONNECTION_LOST.
when required.Do not use this option together with RECONNECT_WHEN_LOST.
Arg [WAIT_TIMEOUT]: (optional) integer
Time in seconds for the wait timeout to happen. Time after which
Time in seconds for the wait_timeout to happen. Time after which
the connection is deleted if not used. By default this is 28800 (8 hours)
on most systems.
So set this to greater than this if your connection are getting deleted.
Only set this if you are having problems and know what you are doing.
Arg [RECONNECT_WHEN_CONNECTION_LOST]: (optional) boolean
Arg [RECONNECT_WHEN_LOST]: (optional) boolean
In case you're reusing the same database connection, i.e. DISCONNECT_WHEN_INACTIVE is
set to false and running a job which takes a long time to process (over 8hrs),
which means that the db connection may be lost, set this option to true.
......@@ -193,15 +193,13 @@ sub new {
$wait_timeout ||= 0;
$self->host( $host );
$self->username( $user );
$self->password( $password );
$self->dbname( $dbname );
if($disconnect_when_inactive) {
......@@ -336,13 +334,13 @@ sub connect {
if ( $self->timeout() ) {
if ( $self->wait_timeout() ) {
my $driver = $self->driver();
if( $driver eq 'mysql' ) {
$dbh->do( "SET SESSION wait_timeout=" . $self->timeout() );
$dbh->do( "SET SESSION wait_timeout=" . $self->wait_timeout() );
} else {
warn "Don't know how to set the timeout for '$driver' driver, skipping.\n";
warn "Don't know how to set the wait_timeout for '$driver' driver, skipping.\n";
......@@ -378,13 +376,13 @@ sub disconnect_count {
return $self->{'disconnect_count'};
sub timeout{
sub wait_timeout{
my($self, $arg ) = @_;
(defined $arg) &&
($self->{_timeout} = $arg );
($self->{_wait_timeout} = $arg );
return $self->{_timeout};
return $self->{_wait_timeout};
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