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removed eHive version and self-reference to index.html

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......@@ -27,14 +27,13 @@
<h1>eHive 1.9 scripts</h1><p>
<h1>eHive scripts</h1><p>
<a href=".">.</a><br>
├── <a href="./beekeeper.html">beekeeper.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./db_cmd.html">db_cmd.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./generate_graph.html">generate_graph.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./generate_timeline.html">generate_timeline.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./hoover_pipeline.html">hoover_pipeline.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./index.html">index.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./init_pipeline.html">init_pipeline.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./lsf_report.html">lsf_report.html</a><br>
├── <a href="./runWorker.html">runWorker.html</a><br>
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