Commit a39d84f3 authored by Matthieu Muffato's avatar Matthieu Muffato
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Don't overwrite the snapshot if the current database comes from it.

The snapshot is taken whilst the dumping job is still running. It means that
on a restored database, beekeeper will first garbage-collect the job, and
then re-run it.

Previously, the job would re-dump everything and overwrite the snapshot.
This is not the case any more.
parent 5e30e07a
......@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ The following parameters are accepted:
- output_db [string] : URL of a database to write the dump to. In this
mode, the Runnable acts like MySQLTransfer
- skip_dump : boolean. 1 to skip the dump process
If "table_list" is undefined or maps to an empty list, the list
of tables to be dumped is decided accordingly to "exclude_list" (EL)
and "exclude_ehive" (EH). "exclude_list" controls the whole list of
......@@ -192,13 +194,26 @@ sub run {
print "$cmd\n" if $self->debug;
# We have to skip the dump
return if ($self->param('skip_dump'));
# Check whether the current database has been restored from a snapshot.
# If it is the case, we shouldn't re-dump and overwrite the file.
# We also check here the value of the "skip_dump" parameter
my $completion_signature = sprintf('dump_%d_restored', $self->input_job->dbID);
return if $self->param('skip_dump') or $self->param($completion_signature);
# OK, we can dump
if(my $return_value = system($cmd)) {
die "system( $cmd ) failed: $return_value";
# We add the signature to the dump, so that the job won't rerun on a
# restored database
my $extra_sql = qq{echo "INSERT INTO pipeline_wide_parameters VALUES ('$completion_signature', 1);\n" $output};
# We're very lucky that gzipped streams can be concatenated and the
# output is still valid !
$extra_sql =~ s/>/>>/;
if(my $return_value = system($extra_sql)) {
die "system( $extra_sql ) failed: $return_value";
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