Commit cc0e3549 authored by Matthieu Muffato's avatar Matthieu Muffato
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Safety measure to avoid resetting all the jobs inadvertently

parent 37738e4f
......@@ -274,6 +274,9 @@ sub main {
if($reset_all_jobs || $reset_failed_jobs) {
if ($reset_all_jobs and not $self->{'analyses_pattern'}) {
die "Beekeeper : do you really want to reset *all* the jobs ? If yes, add \"-analyses_pattern '%'\" to the command line\n";
$self->{'dba'}->get_AnalysisJobAdaptor->reset_jobs_for_analysis_id( $list_of_analyses, $reset_all_jobs );
$self->{'dba'}->get_Queen->synchronize_hive( $list_of_analyses );
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