Commit d165d11b authored by Brandon Walts's avatar Brandon Walts

Merge branch 'version/2.5'

* version/2.5:
  add simulated output directories to the ascii.t exclude list so that we can keep our simulated lsid output identical to the expected output
  remove non-ASCII character from fake lsid
  update exclude list in apache2.t
parents 37e4b75a d0ff2517
......@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ foreach my $f (@source_files) {
next if $f =~ /\/docutils\//;
next if $f =~ /\/fake_bin\//;
next if $f =~ /\/deceptive_bin\//;
next if $f =~ /\/lsf_detection\//;
next if $f =~ /\/deps\//;
# Unlicensed files
next if $f =~ /\.(png|jpg|pdf|pyc|tgz|txt|dot|rst|fa|fastq|md|json|xml)$/;
......@@ -70,6 +70,10 @@ foreach my $f (@source_files) {
next if $f =~ /docs\/contrib\/docker-swarm\/tutorial\.rst$/;
# Binary files
next if $f =~ /\.(jar|class|png|jpg|pdf|pyc|tgz)$/;
# Simulated program output
next if $f =~ /lsf_detection\/.*/;
next if $f =~ /deceptive_bin\/.*/;
next if $f =~ /fake_bin\/.*/;
# Unicode-art
next if $f =~ /modules\/Bio\/EnsEMBL\/Hive\/(Analysis|HivePipeline)\.pm$/;
next if $f =~ /\/generate_graph\/.*::PipeConfig::.*\.txt$/;
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