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The name &quot;Hive&quot; comes from the way pipelines are processed by a swarm of autonomous agents.</p>
<li>Introduction to eHive: <a href="presentations/HiveWorkshop_Sept2013/index.html">Sept. 2013 workshop</a> (parts <a href="presentations/HiveWorkshop_Sept2013/Slides_part1.pdf">1</a>, <a href="presentations/HiveWorkshop_Sept2013/Slides_part2.pdf">2</a> and <a href="presentations/HiveWorkshop_Sept2013/Slides_part3.pdf">3</a> in PDF)</li>
<li><a href="hive_schema.html">Database schema</a></li>
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Presentations & Workshop materials
March 2017, Roslin Institute
.. Trick: the images have to be available at compilation time and can't
have whitespace in their names. However, _static is not copied into the
final directory, so we need to use html_extra_dir instead, which changes
the path
.. image:: ../_static/presentations/HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Workshop_introduction.jpg
:target: ../HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Workshop%20introduction.pdf
.. image:: ../_static/presentations/HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Run_troubleshoot_tune_pipelines.jpg
:target: ../HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Run%20troubleshoot%20tune%20pipelines.pdf
.. image:: ../_static/presentations/HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Creating_pipelines.jpg
:target: ../HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Creating%20pipelines.pdf
.. image:: ../_static/presentations/HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Writing_runnables.jpg
:target: ../HiveWorkshop_Mar2017/Writing%20runnables.pdf
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html_extra_path = ['../doxygen/', '../presentations/']
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# using the given strftime format.
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:caption: Appendix
:maxdepth: 1
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