Commit e2104d1e authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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this change should speed everything up

parent 0656dc9e
......@@ -478,20 +478,20 @@ sub synchronize_AnalysisStats {
my $sql = "SELECT status, count(*), semaphore_count>0 semaphored FROM analysis_job ".
"WHERE analysis_id=? GROUP BY status, semaphored";
my $sql = "SELECT status, count(*), semaphore_count FROM analysis_job ".
"WHERE analysis_id=? GROUP BY status, semaphore_count";
my $sth = $self->prepare($sql);
my $hive_capacity = $analysisStats->hive_capacity;
while (my ($status, $count, $semaphored)=$sth->fetchrow_array()) {
while (my ($status, $count, $semaphore_count)=$sth->fetchrow_array()) {
# print STDERR "$status - $count\n";
my $total = $analysisStats->total_job_count();
$analysisStats->total_job_count($total + $count);
if(($status eq 'READY') and !$semaphored) {
if(($status eq 'READY') and ($semaphore_count<=0)) {
my $numWorkers;
if($analysisStats->batch_size > 0) {
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ CREATE TABLE analysis_job (
PRIMARY KEY (analysis_job_id),
UNIQUE KEY input_id_analysis (input_id, analysis_id),
INDEX claim_analysis_status (job_claim, analysis_id, status),
INDEX analysis_status (analysis_id, status),
INDEX analysis_status (analysis_id, status, semaphore_count),
INDEX worker_id (worker_id)
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