Commit f113d2f1 authored by Brandon Walts's avatar Brandon Walts
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Merge branch 'version/2.0' into version/2.1

parents 87b9e8f9 7839833b
......@@ -152,11 +152,21 @@ sub check_worker_is_alive_and_mine {
my $wpid = $worker->process_id();
my $this_user = $ENV{'USER'};
my $cmd = qq{bjobs $wpid -u $this_user 2>&1 | grep -v 'not found' | grep -v JOBID | grep -v EXIT};
my $cmd = qq{bjobs -u $this_user $wpid 2>&1};
my @bjobs_out = qx/$cmd/;
# warn "LSF::check_worker_is_alive_and_mine() running cmd:\n\t$cmd\n";
my $is_alive_and_mine = qx/$cmd/;
my $is_alive_and_mine = 0;
foreach my $bjobs_line (@bjobs_out) {
unless ($bjobs_line =~ /JOBID|DONE|EXIT/) { # *SUSP, UNKWN, and ZOMBI are "alive" for the purposes of this call
# which is typically used to see if the process can be killed.
# Can't search for line containing the job id, since it may be
# formatted differently in bjob output than in $worker->process_id()
# (e.g. for array jobs), so we exclude the header by excluding "JOBID"
$is_alive_and_mine = 1;
return $is_alive_and_mine;
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