Commit f9ad7d7c authored by Brandon Walts's avatar Brandon Walts
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Merge branch 'version/1.9' into version/2.0

parents 1560e254 3f7fb341
......@@ -42,16 +42,22 @@ our $VERSION = '1.0'; # Semantic version of the Meadow interface:
# change the Major version whenever an incompatible change is introduced,
# change the Minor version whenever the interface is extended, but compatibility is retained.
=head2 name
sub name { # also called to check for availability; assume LSF is available if LSF cluster_name can be established
my $mcni = 'My cluster name is';
my $cmd = "lsid 2>/dev/null | grep '$mcni'";
Args: : None
Description : Determine the LSF cluster_name, if an LSF meadow is available.
Returntype : String
# warn "LSF::name() running cmd:\n\t$cmd\n";
if(my $name = `$cmd`) {
return $1;
sub name {
my $mcni = 'My cluster name is';
my @lsid_out = `lsid 2>/dev/null`;
foreach my $lsid_line (@lsid_out) {
if ($lsid_line =~ /^$mcni\s+(\S+)/) {
return $1;
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