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......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ It will be convenient to set a variable pointing at this directory for future us
2.2. Change into your ensembl codebase directory:
2.3. Log into the BioPerl CVS server (using "cvs" for password):
......@@ -18,19 +18,22 @@
# 0. Cache MySQL connection parameters in a variable (they will work as eHive connection parameters as well) :
export MYCONN="--host=hostname --port=port_number --user=username --password=secret"
# also, set the ENS_CODE_ROOT to the directory where ensembl packages are installed:
export ENS_CODE_ROOT="$HOME/ensembl_main"
# 1. Create an empty database:
mysql $MYCONN -e 'DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS long_mult_test'
mysql $MYCONN -e 'CREATE DATABASE long_mult_test'
# 2. Create eHive infrastructure:
mysql $MYCONN long_mult_test <~lg4/work/ensembl-hive/sql/tables.sql
mysql $MYCONN long_mult_test <$ENS_CODE_ROOT/ensembl-hive/sql/tables.sql
# 3. Create analyses/control_rules/dataflow_rules of the LongMult pipeline:
mysql $MYCONN long_mult_test <~lg4/work/ensembl-hive/sql/create_long_mult.sql
mysql $MYCONN long_mult_test <$ENS_CODE_ROOT/ensembl-hive/sql/create_long_mult.sql
# 4. "Load" the pipeline with a multiplication task:
mysql $MYCONN long_mult_test <~lg4/work/ensembl-hive/sql/load_long_mult.sql
mysql $MYCONN long_mult_test <$ENS_CODE_ROOT/ensembl-hive/sql/load_long_mult.sql
# or you can add your own task(s). Several tasks can be added at once:
mysql $MYCONN long_mult_test <<EoF
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