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      Merge branch 'version/2.3' · 290f528a
      Matthieu Muffato authored
      * version/2.3: (21 commits)
        [test-suite] $EHIVE_ROOT_DIR needs to be defined to find the wrapper
        [test-suite] Use "prove" instead of
        Should ignore psql from the coveralls statistics
        [test-suite] collection.t should also be executable
        [test-suite] added back LongMultWf_conf since it seems to work well
        [test-suite] The filename format for output and error logging has changed
        [test-suite] We can now rely on runWorker's return code
        [test-suite] Backported the test of the Collection object
        [test-suite] LSF gained get_report_entries_*() methods
        [test-suite] Parameters of the constructor now need to be method names (without an hyphen)
        [test-suite] Removed scripts that are now tests
        [test-suite] Don't overwrite en existing $EHIVE_ROOT_DIR
        [test-suite] More tests for LSF (copied from master)
        [test-suite] More tests for the AnalysisData adaptor
        [test-suite] don't change the current working-directory
        made most of the tests in t/ runnable as standalone scripts
        [test-suite] NakedTable adaptors are cached by table_name, so we can now check their unicity
        [test-suite] Ensembl Core API is not needed any more
        [test-suite] Updated the version numbers in the test
        Copied and adapted the test-suite from 2.3