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    • Jessica Severin's avatar
      added system for job-level blocking/unblocking. This is a very fine grain · faead1e0
      Jessica Severin authored
      control structure where a process/program has been made aware of the job(s)
      they are responsible for controlling.  This is facilited via a job url:
      AnalysisJobAdptor::CreateNewJob now returns this url on job creation.
      When a job is datflowed, an array of these urls is returned (one for each rule).
      Jobs can now be dataflowed from a Process subclass with blocking enabled.
      A job can be fetched directly with one of these URLs.
      A commandline utility has been added to unblock a url job.
      To unblock a job do:
      This is primarily useful in asynchronous split process/parsing situations.
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      - moved worker/process code related to persistant /tmp/worker_## directory · c8c45241
      Jessica Severin authored
        into the Worker object (and out of the Process)
      - added Process::worker method so that running processes can talk to the
        worker that is currently running itself.
      - modified system so that if a process subclass uses Process::dataflow_output_id
        on branch_code 1, it will turn off the automatic of flowing of the input_job
        out on branch_code 1.  This will make coding much cleaner so that processes
        no longer need to modifiy the input_id of the input_job
      - added method Process::autoflow_inputjob which toggles this autoflow behaviour
        if a subclass would like to modify this directly
      - auto_dataflow now happens right after the Process::write_output stage
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      created Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Process as a processing module superclass alternative · 55cd98de
      Jessica Severin authored
      to RunnableDB to allow full benefit of dataflow graph capabilities.
      - Removed from branch_code, analysis_job_id, reset_job extensions to
        RunnableDB (no longer trying to shoe-horn hive 'extra' functions into them)
      - Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Process mirrors some of the RunnableDB interface
        (new, analysis, fetch_input, run, write_output)
        but uses a new job interface (input_job, dataflow_output_id) instead of
        input_id (but provides convenience method $self->input_id which redirects to
        $self->input_job->input_id to simplify porting)
      - Changed Worker to only use hive 'extended' function if the processing module
        isa(Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Process).  Also allows all RunnableDB modules to
        still be used (or any object which implements a minimal 'RunnableDB interface')
        (new, input_id, db, fetch_input, run, write_output)