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      Schema patch to support guest-languages · aa4476cc
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      Documentation fix · 08c1d63f
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      Merge branch 'master' into python · 119e7e84
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      * master: (73 commits)
        revised checklist
        bugfix [to ENSCOMPARASW-191] : revive the ability to create a job from (analysis_id, input_id) pair
        only show the extra details about claiming in log_message table when -debug is on
        new formula for estimating num_required_workers
        pre-load Analyses/AnalysesStats objects compatible with the Worker for faster access
        a prototype tail-trimming formula (only works for analyses where hive_capacity is defined)
        cosmetic: fixed a remark
        an ad-hoc attempt to pull up the number of required workers
        account for the remaining_job_count when computing AS::get_or_estimate_batch_size
        bugfix: cache the AS object during the batch instead of fetching for every job
        bugfix: do not claim if there are no jobs
        bugfix: make sure special_batch workers do not unclaim
        some TT-related debug messages sent to log_message table
        Workers attempt to unclaim the rest of the batch to share the load (tail trimming)
        Trim the long tails of heavily-batched analyses (and plans of how to implement UNCLAIMing)
        back-ported from version/2.3 the bugfix [to ENSCOMPARASW-247] : find-and-match the funnel job when storing it failed
        back-porting the LMA::store_hive_message method
        bugfix [to ENSCOMPARASW-247] : find-and-match the funnel job when storing it failed
        bugfix to [to bee183d1] : ignore a possible collision with another beekeeper updating worker_resource_usage
        extended LMA::store_worker_message to work with worker_id
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