Unverified Commit f44ef41c authored by Tiago Grego's avatar Tiago Grego Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #82 from Ensembl/slack_notifications

[ENSCORESW-3077] Travis: Unify configuration of Slack notifications
parents b9d7c492 03f365fe
......@@ -80,3 +80,9 @@ script: "./travisci/harness.sh"
# - perl: "5.14"
# env: COVERALLS=true DB=mysql
secure: bNSqBwR+6GpKqW22MuBbdAH9Pb25hbX8UOW3MVd9HI7CnQBOfifXR47AMClFgfV5ZcHHRnOtOqin8RYccmrTJOxAAa6IilFJ/z5XAjVIMLQAORut+fVYnwOmQuvedWR8GdXq/awgVLeNG/ROIwl1gyFirTWYV5ygwM4McvD8y5A=
on_failure: change
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