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    • Matthew Laird's avatar
      - Updated callback methodology for translators, use CODE reference when not... · 687b15de
      Matthew Laird authored
      - Updated callback methodology for translators, use CODE reference when not calling methods in the default translator
      - Added optional argument to write() for an object specific translator, overriding the default translator
      - GTF and GTF serializers for human chromosome 1 as samples, GTF is not complete for all needed attributes for Ensembl standard file
      - Move the GFF Metadata object to be a GXF Metadata object, as we insert similar headers in the GTF files
      - Allow Bio::Ensembl::IO::Object's to be their own translators, so they don't need to know about formats
      - Depricate create_record(), combine_fields() in Bio::Ensembl::IO::Object's
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  11. 17 Aug, 2015 2 commits
    • Andy Yates's avatar
      Removing core from all files which could use an alternative. · e0fa3457
      Andy Yates authored
      It seems we have others within the team that would like to use
      ensembl-io but will not because of the core dependency. This commit
      attempts to
      1. Remove any use of Utils::Exception and replace it with Carp
      2. Remove any use of Utils::IO work_with_file and replace it with an
      3. Remove any un-used import (there were a lot)
      Also this commit pulls up that simple_list.t is no longer a valid test
      because its dependencies are broken.
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      License was not correct. This is an Apache2 project. · dd5f1181
      Andy Yates authored
      In a number of places the Apache2 license was not applied, the older
      Apache-like license was applied or dates were wrong. A header LICENSE
      file was not present. It has now been added to all files.
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