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New release branch.

Next release will be humpub-release-108-01;
Generated by /nfs/users/nfs_z/zmap/BUILD_OTTER/team_tools/otterlace/release/scripts/otterlace_release_tag (otter/96-65-gb8fb8d7 from git:/repos/git/anacode/team_tools.git)
parent 72f7b427
Note that otterlace_build before tag otter/79 will ignore this file
and instead take PerlModules from the internal Anacode CVS
# This is the Otter minor version. It is empty in the development
# branches and non-empty in the test and release branches. Together
Note that otterlace_build before tag otter/75 will ignore this file
and (if zircon is included) it would be from master.
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