Commit b898ed13 authored by Shamika Mohanan's avatar Shamika Mohanan

The code adds the new locus to the locus cache

parent c08c7331
......@@ -2555,7 +2555,10 @@ sub _replace_SubSeq_sqlite {
my $new_locus = $new_subseq->Locus;
my $old_locus = $old_subseq->Locus;
my $new_locus_name = $new_locus->name;
if (!$self->_locus_cache->get($new_locus_name) ) {
my $old_locus_name = $old_locus->name || $new_locus_name;
my $locus_tag = "Locus $new_locus_name for SubSeq $new_subseq_name";
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