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    MultiTestDB: add an environment variable for overriding test-DB prefix · 3aa7f64b
    Marek Szuba authored
    Until now, MultiTestDB would prefix the names of test databases it
    creates with the local user name as determined by looking at the
    environment variables: LOGNAME and USER, in the order as written here.
    There are the following problems with this approach:
     - it leaks local user names to the database system and by extension to
       everyone who can access them,
     - in the event of said local user names being different from farm ones
       it makes it more difficult to identify to whom a specific database
    To address these issues the present commit introduces a new environment
    variable called ENSEMBL_TESTDB_PREFIX which when defined takes
    precedence over LOGNAME. Now anyone running tests on their local machine
    can set that variable to their farm user name.
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