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    Add prototype Gitlab-CI configuration · e62eb711
    Marek Szuba authored
    What I have done here is take .gitlab-ci.yml and
    MultiTestDB.conf.gitlabci.mysql from ensembl (my own development version
    in case of the former), modify the before_script section of the former
    to account for differences in dependencies between the two projects,
    create a dependent-build trigger attempting to launch one on
    ensembl-gh-mirror/ensembl (i.e.  already on EBI Gitlab), and fix the
    declaration of same because it has turned out variable expansion
    in trigger declarations works only in the branch field, not in "project".
    Note that all of this results in a somewhat different build
    matrix than on Travis but unlike there, on GitLab we have got
    consistency between ensembl and ensembl-test.
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