Commit 0d0374dd authored by Jorge Alvarez Jarreta's avatar Jorge Alvarez Jarreta

raise error if 'seqlevel' cannot be projected onto the slice's coord_system

parent ed71354f
......@@ -237,6 +237,9 @@ sub copy_regions {
#'sequence_level' can be different than 'contig' (e.g. 'primary_assembly')
my $fragments = $slice->project('seqlevel');
if (scalar @$fragments == 0) {
die "No assemblies projected from 'seqlevel' to '$coord_system'";
foreach my $frag (@$fragments) {
my $frag_slice = $frag->[2];
$seq_region_id_list{$frag_slice->get_seq_region_id} = 1;
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