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    #Implemented strand check and unmapped object for anti-sense mapping · 80aa6f99
    Nathan Johnson authored
    #Changed transcript_probeset_count cache to use dbID instead of complete name
    #Renamed check_names_match to validate_arrays and extended to perform probeset warning, external_db name guess and returns cache, user array param validation and association check
    #Merged delete_unampped objects into delete_existing_xrefs due to dependency. Now throws if arrays param set until force_delete specified, deletes using IN list
    #cache_arrays_per_probeset now uses arrays param to reduce size of cache
    #removed unmapped_object dbID = 2000>
    #Change all probe specific unmapped object to reeflect the individual probe rather than the probeset
    #Updated logs
    #Updated docs
    #Added control of promiscuous probesets and unmapped objects
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