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    Added new optional argument $external_db_name to · ac52bc8e
    Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri authored
    fetch_all_by_external_name() in GeneAdaptor.pm, TranscriptAdaptor.pm,
    and in TranslationAdaptor.pm.
    This will limit the returned genes, transcripts, or translations, to
    those that originates from the named external database.
    This also means adding the optional argument to
    list_gene_ids_by_extids(), list_transcript_ids_by_extids(),
    list_translation_ids_by_extids(), and to _type_by_external_id() in
    The matching is done on 'db_name' in the 'external_db' table with LIKE
    and an appended '%' to the given $external_db_name.
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