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    Change the organization of %registry_register slightly to make it easier · e57f4250
    Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri authored
    to merge copies of it; added a _SPECIES and a _TYPE section to the hash.
    Added the subroutine load_registry_from_multiple_dbs():
       Arg [1]   : Array of hashes, each hash being a set of arguments to
                   load_registry_from_db() (see above).
       Example   :
         $registry->load_registry_from_multiple_dbs( {
             '-host'    => 'ensembldb.ensembl.org',
             '-user'    => 'anonymous',
             '-verbose' => '1'
             '-host'     => 'server.example.com',
             '-user'     => 'anonymouse',
             '-password' => 'cheese',
             '-verbose'  => '1'
           } );
       Description:  Will call load_registry_from_db() (see above)
                     multiple times and merge the resulting registries
                     into one, effectively allowing a user to connect to
                     databases on multiple database servers from within
                     one program.
                     If a database is found on more than one server, the
                     first found instance of that database will be used.
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