Commit 0caff657 authored by Nathan Johnson's avatar Nathan Johnson
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fixed remove_DBAdaptor splice

parent d554c446
......@@ -598,24 +598,29 @@ sub remove_DBAdaptor{
my ($class, $species, $group) = @_;
$species = $class->get_alias($species);
delete $registry_register{$species}{$group};
#This will remove the DBAdaptor and all the other adaptors
#Now remove if from the _DBA array
my $index;
foreach my $i(0..$#{$registry_register{'_DBA'}}){
my $dba = $registry_register{'_DBA'}->[$i];
if(($dba->species eq $species) &&
$dba->group eq $group){
$index = $i;
@{$registry_register{'_DBA'}} = splice(@{$registry_register{'_DBA'}}, $index, 1);
#Now remove from _DBA cache
splice(@{$registry_register{'_DBA'}}, $index, 1);
......@@ -665,6 +670,8 @@ sub reset_DBAdaptor{
$self->remove_DBAdaptor($alias, $group);
my @adaptors = @{$self->get_all_adaptors};
#ConfigRegistry should automatically add this to the Registry
my $db = $class->new(
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