Commit 296112ae authored by Jeremy Henty's avatar Jeremy Henty
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Added a stub implementation of get_all_TranscriptBestSupportingFeatures().

parent 71adb338
......@@ -2061,6 +2061,41 @@ sub get_all_Transcripts {
=head2 get_all_TranscriptBestSupportingFeatures
Arg [1] : (optional) string $logic_name
the logic name of the type of features to obtain
Arg [2] : (optional) string $db_type
Example : @transcripts = @{$slice->get_all_TranscriptBestSupportingFeatures};
Description: Gets the best supporting align features for each exon
in any transcript which overlaps this slice.
Returntype : reference to a list of Bio::EnsEMBL::BaseAlignFeatures
Exceptions : none
Caller : general
Status : Development
sub get_all_TranscriptBestSupportingFeatures {
my $self = shift;
my $load_exons = 1;
my $logic_name = shift;
my $dbtype = shift;
if(!$self->adaptor()) {
warning('Cannot get Transcripts without attached adaptor');
return [];
# debugging
my $method = "get_all_TranscriptBestSupportingFeatures";
die sprintf "%s::%s()\nDied", __PACKAGE__, $method;
my $transcripts = $self->get_all_Transcripts($load_exons, $logic_name, $dbtype);
=head2 get_all_Exons
Arg [1] : none
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