Commit 3c516185 authored by David Barnwell's avatar David Barnwell
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fetch_Slice_by_transcript method added. Takes a trnascript stable ID.

parent 02544e5f
......@@ -430,6 +430,37 @@ sub get_Gene_chr_bp {
=head2 fetch_Slice_by_transcript
Title : fetch_Slice_by_transcript_dbID
Usage : $slice = $slice_adaptor->fetch_Slice_by_transcript(
Function: Creates a slice of the specified object. If a context
size is given, the slice is extended by that number of
basepairs on either side of the transcript. Throws if
the transcript is not golden.
Returns : Slice object
Args : transcript stable ID, [context size in bp]
sub fetch_Slice_by_transcript{
my ($self,$transcriptid,$size) = @_;
# Just get the dbID, then fetch slice by that
my $ta = $self->db->get_TranscriptAdaptor;
my $transcript_obj = $ta->fetch_by_stable_id($transcriptid);
my $dbID = $transcript_obj->dbID;
if (defined $size) {
return $self->fetch_Slice_by_transcript_dbID($dbID, $size);
} else {
return $self->fetch_Slice_by_transcript_dbID($dbID);
=head2 fetch_Slice_by_transcript_dbID
Title : fetch_Slice_by_transcript_dbID
......@@ -456,8 +487,7 @@ sub fetch_Slice_by_transcript_dbID{
my $ta = $self->db->get_TranscriptAdaptor;
my $transcript_obj;
$transcript_obj = $ta->fetch_by_dbID($transcriptid);
my $transcript_obj = $ta->fetch_by_dbID($transcriptid);
my %exon_transforms;
for my $exon ( $transcript_obj->get_all_Exons() ) {
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