Commit 5041376e authored by Daniel Rios's avatar Daniel Rios
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added new method: bind_param_generic_fetch to allow binding parameters instead...

added new method: bind_param_generic_fetch to allow binding parameters instead of using parameters within sql
parent 77281969
......@@ -259,6 +259,42 @@ sub _straight_join {
=head2 bind_param_generic_fetch
Arg [1] : (optional) scalar $param
This is the parameter to bind
Arg [2] : (optional) int $sql_type
Type of the parameter (from DBI (:sql_types))
Example : $adaptor->bind_param_generic_fetch($stable_id,SQL_VARCHAR);
Description: When using parameters for the query, will call the bind_param to avoid
some security issues. If there are no arguments, will return the bind_parameters
ReturnType : listref
Exceptions: if called with one argument
sub bind_param_generic_fetch{
my $self = shift;
my $param = shift;
my $sql_type = shift;
if (defined $param && !defined $sql_type){
throw("Need to specify sql_type for parameter $param\n");
elsif (defined $param && defined $sql_type){
#both paramters have been entered, push it to the bind_param array
push @{$self->{'_bind_param_generic_fetch'}},[$param,$sql_type];
elsif (!defined $param && !defined $sql_type){
#when there are no arguments, return the array
return $self->{'_bind_param_generic_fetch'};
=head2 generic_fetch
Arg [1] : (optional) string $constraint
......@@ -280,7 +316,6 @@ sub _straight_join {
sub generic_fetch {
my ($self, $constraint, $mapper, $slice) = @_;
my @tabs = $self->_tables;
my $columns = join(', ', $self->_columns());
......@@ -344,6 +379,16 @@ sub generic_fetch {
# printf(STDERR "SQL:\n%s\n", $sql);
my $sth = $db->dbc->prepare($sql);
my $bind_parameters = $self->bind_param_generic_fetch();
if (defined $bind_parameters){
#if we have bind the parameters, call the DBI to bind them
for(my $i=0;$i<length @{$bind_parameters};$i++){
#after binding parameters, undef for future queries
$self->{'_bind_param_generic_fetch'} = ();
# print STDERR $sql,"\n";
my $res = $self->_objs_from_sth($sth, $mapper, $slice);
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