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[ENSCORESW-587]. Fixed the bad project documentation.

Simple formatting changes suggested by Bron. Will make the example cut-paste
parent 589441e9
......@@ -874,12 +874,12 @@ sub get_base_count {
Example :
my $clone_projection = $slice->project('clone');
foreach my $seg (@$clone_projection) {
foreach my $segment (@$clone_projection) {
my $clone = $segment->to_Slice();
print $slice->seq_region_name(), ':', $seg->from_start(), '-',
$seg->from_end(), ' -> ',
$clone->seq_region_name(), ':', $clone->start(), '-',$clone->end(),
$clone->strand(), "\n";
':', $clone->strand(), "\n";
Description: Returns the results of 'projecting' this slice onto another
coordinate system. Projecting to a coordinate system that
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