Commit 5b0e0ad2 authored by James Allen's avatar James Allen
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Specify 5' or 3' UTR in the GTF file

parent 78c9983c
......@@ -404,8 +404,8 @@ sub print_feature {
push @$utrs, @{$transcript->get_all_three_prime_UTRs()};
foreach my $utr (@{$utrs}) {
my $strand = $strand_conversion{$utr->strand()};
print $fh sprintf(qq{%s\t%s\tUTR\t%d\t%d\t.\t%s\t.\t},
$idstr, $transcript->source, ($utr->start()+$sliceoffset), ($utr->end+$sliceoffset), $strand);
print $fh sprintf(qq{%s\t%s\t%s\t%d\t%d\t.\t%s\t.\t},
$idstr, $transcript->source, $utr->type, ($utr->start()+$sliceoffset), ($utr->end+$sliceoffset), $strand);
$self->_print_attribs($gene, $biotype_display, $transcript, $transcript_biotype, 0, 'UTR', undef, undef, $has_selenocysteine);
print $fh "\n";
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