Commit 5b196b8a authored by Miguel Pignatelli's avatar Miguel Pignatelli
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Reverted last change

parent fe95abd0
......@@ -1087,16 +1087,13 @@ sub length_names {
sub slurp_intro {
my ($intro_file) = @_;
my $intro_html = qq{<h1>Ensembl $db_team Schema Documentation</h1>\n<h2>Introduction</h2>\n};
if (!defined $intro_file) {
return $intro_html . qq{<p><i>please, insert your introduction here</i><p><br />};
return qq{<h1>Ensembl $db_team Schema Documentation</h1>\n<h2>Introduction</h2>\n<p><i>please, insert your introduction here</i><p><br />};
local $/=undef;
open my $fh, "< $intro_file" or die "Can't open $intro_file: $!";
$intro_html .= <$fh>;
my $intro_html = <$fh>;
close $fh;
return $intro_html;
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