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Calculate checksums for individual tables or whole databases, to allow quick comparison

parent 811168f5
use strict;
use DBI;
use Getopt::Long;
my ($host, $port, $dbname, $user, $pass, @tables, $limit);
GetOptions('user=s' => \$user,
'pass=s' => \$pass,
'host=s' => \$host,
'port=i' => \$port,
'dbname=s' => \$dbname,
'tables=s' => \@tables,
'limit=s' => \$limit,
'help' => sub { usage(); exit(0); });
@tables = split(/,/,join(',',@tables));
if (!$user || !$host || !$dbname) {
my $dbi = DBI->connect( "DBI:mysql:host=$host:port=$port;database=$dbname", $user, $pass,
{'RaiseError' => 1}) || die "Can't connect to database\n";
# use all if not specified
if (!@tables) {
my $sth = $dbi->prepare("SHOW TABLES;");
foreach my $row (@{$sth->fetchall_arrayref()}) {
push @tables, $row->[0];
print "Table\tDescription checksum\tData checksum\n";
foreach my $table (@tables) {
print $table . "\t";
my $passopt = $pass ? "-p$pass" : "";
my $key_sth = $dbi->prepare("SHOW INDEX FROM $table");
my ($primary_key, $first_col);
while (my @cols = $key_sth->fetchrow()) {
$first_col = $cols[4];
if ($cols[2] eq "PRIMARY") {
$primary_key = $cols[4];
my $key = $primary_key;;
if (!$key) {
# print "Can't get primary key for table $table, using $first_col as key\n";
$key = $first_col;
# description - note use of tr -d to strip newline
system ("mysql -u $user -h $host $passopt -P $port -e \'DESC $table\' $dbname | md5sum | tr -d '\n'");
print "\t";
# data
my $limitclause = $limit ? " LIMIT $limit" : "";
my $cmd = "\'SELECT * FROM $table ORDER BY $key $limitclause;desc $table;\'";
system ("mysql -u $user -h $host $passopt -P $port -e $cmd $dbname | md5sum");
sub usage {
print << "EOF"; -user {user} -pass {password} -host {host} -port {port} -dbname {database} -tables {tables} -limit {rows}
Generates an MD5 checksum for the description and data of all or some tables of a database.
Argument to tables may be comma-separated, or multiple -tables arguments may be used.
If no -tables argument is given all tables are analysed.
Use -limit to limit the number of rows the comparison is based on; less accurate but faster for large tables.
A single fingerprint for the whole database can be computed by piping the output of this script into md5sum.
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