Commit a8ce5f25 authored by Philip Lijnzaad's avatar Philip Lijnzaad
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*** empty log message ***

parent 285e84d7
......@@ -18,5 +18,17 @@ > all-merges.out 2>all-merges.log
# file(s). Results go to out/{stats,mapping,summary,final} > all-stats.out 2>all-stats.log
# do the peptide business
# (to follow)
# do the peptide business; first, collate them: 2> pep-collate.log
# Now pull out the longest peptide of each original igi
# peptide file, using the 'valid' igi's from the summary files (which are
# proudced by
peptidefiles="ensembl/ensembl.pep affymetrix/affymetrix.pep fgenesh/fgenesh.pep"
outdir=pep $summary $peptidefiles > $outdir/pep.out 2> $outdir/pep.log
gzip -c $outdir/pep.out > $outdir/pep.out.gz
# ftp stuff, and we're done.
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