Commit bc332504 authored by Tim Hubbard's avatar Tim Hubbard
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dna compression - optimisation

parent bbee6efd
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ sub fetch_by_RawContig_start_end_strand {
if($compressed==1 || $self->is_compressed){
# query for compressed mode, uses hex and a different range
# (compression implemented by th, 14/7/03)
# needs to getback dna_id as will have to check for Ns in dnan table
my $start4=int(($start-1)/4)+1;
......@@ -476,13 +477,8 @@ sub store_compressed {
$seq.='A' x ($len-(int($len/4))*4);
#print "DEBUG $seq\n";
# process in blocks of 2 to do conversion
my $seq_hex;
my @seq=split(//,$seq);
while(my $pair=shift(@seq)){
return pack("H*",$seq_hex);
return pack("H*",$seq);
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