Commit ca4749f8 authored by Steve Trevanion's avatar Steve Trevanion
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changes for vega gene types

parent e1325fc7
......@@ -105,8 +105,8 @@
34 NovPTCount processed_transcript_NOVEL Number of Novel Processed Transcripts
35 PutPTCount processed_transcript_PUTATIVE Number of Putative Processed Transcripts
36 PredPCCount protein_coding_PREDICTED Number of Predicted Protein Coding
37 NovIgSegCount ig_segment Number of Novel Ig Segments
38 NovIgPsSegCount ig_pseudogene_segment Number of Novel Ig Pseudogene Segments
37 NovIgGeneCount IG_gene_NOVEL Number of Novel IG Genes
38 NovIgPsGenCount IG_pseudogene_NOVEL Number of Novel IG Pseudogenes
39 TotPsCount total_pseudogene Total Number of Pseudogenes
40 KnwnProcPsCount processed_pseudogene Number of Known Processed Pseudogenes
41 KnwnUnPsCount unprocessed_pseudogene Number of Known Unprocessed Pseudogenes
......@@ -263,9 +263,10 @@
154 NovNcCount novel_non_coding Number of Novel Non Coding
155 KnwnPolyCount known_polymorphic Number of Known Polymorphic
156 NovPolyCount novel_polymorphic Number of Novel Polymorphic
157 TotIgSegCount total_ig_segment Total Number of Ig Segments
157 TotIGGeneCount total_IG_gene Total Number of IG Genes
158 NovProcPsCount novel_processed_pseudogene Number of Novel Processed Pseudogenes
159 NovUnPsCount novel_unprocessed_pseudogene Number of Novel Unprocessed Pseudogenes
160 NovTPsCount novel_transcribed_pseudogene Number of Novel Transcribed Pseudogenes
161 NovTECCount novel_TEC Number of Novel TEC Genes
162 KnwnIgSegCount known_ig Number of Known Ig Segments
162 KnwnIgGeneCount IG_gene_KNOWN Number of Known IG Genes
163 KnwnIgPsGeCount IG_pseudogene_KNOWN Number of Known IG Pseudogenes
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