Commit f536f27d authored by Kieron Taylor's avatar Kieron Taylor 😠
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Applied Will Spooner's patch to help in diagnosing absent meta keys for stopping rendering.

parent c8bda6e4
......@@ -731,6 +731,10 @@ sub _get_by_Slice {
push @feature_coord_systems, $slice->coord_system();
} else {
@feature_coord_systems = @{ $self->db->get_MetaCoordContainer->fetch_all_CoordSystems_by_feature_type($table_name)};
unless( @feature_coord_systems) {
warning("No CoordinateSystems defined for $table_name table. Please"
." check meta_coord table and consider running ensembl/misc-scripts/");
my $assembly_mapper_adaptor = $self->db->get_AssemblyMapperAdaptor();
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