Commit f766fb69 authored by Web Admin's avatar Web Admin
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white space merge (js5)

parent 76355ef0
......@@ -200,8 +200,7 @@ sub get_all_DAS_Features{
# Construct a cache key : SOURCE_URL/TYPE
# Need the type to handle sources that serve multiple types of features
my ($type) = ref($dasfact->adaptor->mapping)eq'ARRAY' ?
@{$dasfact->adaptor->mapping} : $dasfact->adaptor->mapping;
my ($type) = ref($dasfact->adaptor->mapping) eq 'ARRAY' ? @{$dasfact->adaptor->mapping} : $dasfact->adaptor->mapping;
$type ||=$dasfact->adaptor->type;
my $key = join('/', $name, $type);
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