Commit f80791f1 authored by Patrick Meidl's avatar Patrick Meidl
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clarification to documentation for fetch_all()

parent 62792d25
......@@ -550,6 +550,11 @@ sub get_seq_region_id {
slices will be rerurned.
Arg [4] : int $include_duplicates (optional)
If set duplicate regions will be returned.
NOTE: if you don't use this option and you have a PAR
(pseudo-autosomal region) at the beginning of your seq_region
then your slice will not start at position 1, so coordinates
retrieved from this slice might not be what you expected.
Example : @chromos = @{$slice_adaptor->fetch_all('chromosome','NCBI33')};
@contigs = @{$slice_adaptor->fetch_all('contig')};
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