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      reverting last change · fc6f84e5
      Andy Yates authored
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      [ENSCORESW-577]. Adding support for additional lookups. · e92f3eb1
      Andy Yates authored
      After talking to Compara we found the need to support additional
      lookups with the full id cache. Since all values are stored in memory
      the lookup is very easy to compute.
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      [ENSCORESW-576]. Prevent optimisation of DBs when copying from staging. · 1e36da22
      Andy Yates authored
      The production and web teams have reported odd going ons when people copy from
      staging onto another server. This is because this script optimises databases
      before copying. These DBs should already be optimised so there is no need
      to do this stage. In fact it can alter the checksums of the MYI files which
      causes the webteam to wonder if data has been switched out without them knowing.
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      [ENSCORESW-570]. Supporting postgres. · 0104cd56
      Andy Yates authored
      Leo submitted patch. We support pgsql as a way of defining the driver. This
      is inline with us accepting sqlite as a valid synonym for DBD::SQLite.
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      [ENSCORESW-569]. Supporting fetching cached keys by a SQL statement. · a4ec9628
      Andy Yates authored
      To provide improved querying of caches we now support SQL statements. These
      queries return a list of keys (normally primary key db identifiers) defining
      a list of objects to return. It is up to sub-BaseCache implementations to
      deal with the nitty gritty of cache mis-hits (something they need to do
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