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      Run the program with --help to get information about available command · bd06d745
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      line switches.
      This program takes the master tables from the production database
      and compares it to the corresponding tables on the given servers (by
      default, the staging servers).
      The program will display any discrepancies on the display
      while writing SQL to files in the current directory that will
      correct the discrepancies.
      Each SQL patch file will have the generic name "fix-DBNAME.sql"
      where "DBNAME" is the name of the database, e.g.,
      A discrepancy is patched by
      1)  Insertion into the master table in the production database in the
          case where a new entry has been added to a database without being
          added to the master table.
      2)  Insertion into the database table in the case where a new master
          entry is missing in the database.
      3)  Updating the database entry in the case where an entry (identified by
          its primary key only) differs in any of its fields.
      The SQL patch files may then be used to patch the databases:
        $ mysql -h server -u user -ppass < fix-DBNAME.sql
                          BE SURE TO REVIEW THESE SQL PATCH FILES
                              (along with the program output)
                                  WITH YOUR EYE AND BRAIN
                                    BEFORE APPLYING THEM