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update README with required Go version

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......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ guiHive depends on the following components that need to be installed in your sy
* Ensembl API : eHive depends on the core Ensembl API. BioPerl or any other Ensembl related checkouts are not needed.
* GraphViz : eHive depends on dot (from GraphViz) to create the graphical representation of the pipelines. The Perl package GraphViz is also needed.
* Go tools : The server of guiHive is written in the Go programming language. Since the current guiHive version doesn't include binaries for the server you will need to compile it.
guiHive is incompatible with later versions of Go, and is currently known to compile with Go version 1.8.3
Please refer to the Go website ( for installation instructions.
* Misc Perl Modules : Several Perl modules are needed by guiHive.
Please refer to our cpanfile (
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